Thursday, January 14, 2010

Groceries and Insurance

Had a great shopping day at Meijers, which I will go into detail with tomorrow. Then I went to pick up the Adderall my 7 year old son was prescribed today. $154.00. *thud* And that's *with* our insurance. Good thing I shop cheap for food, or we'd be starving.

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  1. If you stop shopping so cheap and buy real food instead of all the processed -high fructose corn syrup products you may see that your son would not need medication for ADD. I was told my daughter would need medication too until I did some research and found out that cheap food is the cause of most illnesses. I also was addicted to cheap food and keeping the grocery budget as low as I could get it but I realized the very heavy price of that not to mention those drugs do damage. You can still be frugal it just takes more creativity to eat whole. good luck