Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How my no-spend month is shaping up...

It's been hard, I have to admit. It's really been hard to not take advantage of all the deals I've come across. I've had to stop looking at all the sale flyers, because they're just too tempting. There have been two things that have helped me though. The first is that going into the month, we had some planned, deliberate spending. We knew we had the kid's school carnival, and we knew that we were going to take them to the roller rink. Having those things to look forward to made it easier to not spend before then. The other is swagbucks! If you aren't familiar with swagbucks, you can read about it here! Thanks to that, I've had $50 sitting at Amazon, waiting for me to use. I went to use my steamer basket the other day and found it missing. I really don't know how a steamer basket up and walks away, but I'm pretty sure one of the children in this house does. Thanks to swagbucks I was able to get a new one, along with a can organizer for my pantry, plus curb my shopping itch, for FREE! Can't beat that!

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